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Biomethane holds great promise as a means of promoting a circular economy for Northern Ireland. 

Our Green Loop System serves as a beacon representing both sustainability and strategic use of existing resources. The process illustrated below goes beyond being a mere product; it acts as a transformative catalyst that has far-reaching effects across various industries and communities. 

By harnessing the capabilities of existing technologies and infrastructure readily available to us, we possess the ability to reduce waste, enhance efficiencies, decrease carbon emissions, and make full use of every ounce of energy potential. 

The spotlight is on carbon reduction, as the Green Loop achieves a level of emission reduction that was once thought unattainable. Carbon footprints dwindle, air quality improves, and unnecessary wastefulness is kept to a minimum.

Green Loop System

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As well as the various biodiversity projects that Evolve is involved with, the company also believes that the network itself will ultimately play a vital role in decarbonisation by helping to remove millions of tonnes of CO2 from the west of Northern Ireland, where oil and solid fuel use remains prevalent. With a vision for a carbon net-zero environment by 2050, our innovative network is designed to ensure there is now a clear pathway to a fully decarbonised, cleaner fuel future for Northern Ireland that can deliver significant environmental benefits for the planet.


Biomethane producers

If you’re a biomethane producer or considering building a facility, we’re keen to speak with you. Please complete the form below and a member of our decarbonisation team will be in touch.