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Evolve to join gas industry colleagues at Balmoral Show

Evolve to join gas industry colleagues at Balmoral Show

Posted: 10 May, 2024

Evolve is delighted to be attending the Balmoral Show 2024, one of Northern Ireland’s largest agricultural festivals. The annual show attracts a diverse audience of cultural and agricultural enthusiasts with its varied programme of live music, culinary showcases and interactive workshops. 
Throughout four days of events, Evolve will partner with firmus energy and Phoenix Energy at the Gas Networks NI tent. The networks will showcase plans to decarbonise the gas industry in NI, outline network areas, detail how to get connected, and provide relevant connection offers.
One of the main reasons for this initiative is to encourage potential biomethane producers and current producers of biogas to consider upgrading their plants so that they have the capability to generate biomethane. This is of paramount importance, and the Balmoral Show will provide the perfect opportunity to engage with the agricultural sector and other key stakeholders to that end. 
In addition, one of the central elements of the stand at the Balmoral Show will be a Biomethane Wall, which will explain how this carbon neutral renewable gas is generated from sustainable feedstock, such as slurry, silage and food waste through the process of anaerobic digestion. The whole process is clearly illustrated on a colourful and informative infographic display. Activities including a myth-busting game will be featured to further engage the public and potential producers alike.
Biomethane gas is already in use across Europe as an alternative to natural gas. It can be directly injected into Northern Ireland’s modern gas network without any requirement on the part of homeowners to upgrade their heating systems. It provides a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel consumption and, in so doing, will make a huge contribution towards reaching our emission-reduction targets.
In 2022, a study was carried out by Queen’s University in Belfast which found that there is enough feedstock available in Northern Ireland to fulfil a large proportion of the current network demand.In 2023, the first direct injection of biomethane gas on the island of Ireland occurred in an anaerobic digestion plant near Dungannon, right in the heart of the Evolve network.
David Butler, Director of Evolve, said: “This is a positive time for the gas sector in Northern Ireland. Biomethane production, injection and consumption have developed across Europe at pace, and our presence at the Balmoral Show will provide a unique opportunity to maximise our request for information initiative. The event will also draw attention to the considerable potential that exists in Northern Ireland to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and fully decarbonise our entire network by 2030.”

Responses in relation to the biomethane Request for Information must be received by 17:00 on Monday 20th May 2024. The survey can be found at

Gas Networks NI will be located at tent B48.

Image credit: Balmoral Show