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Little Acorns

Little Acorns

Posted: 30 Aug, 2020

The Little Acorns project has seen the planting of almost 4,000 native Irish oak, hazel, and birch trees in Co. Fermanagh. Commenced under Evolve’s previous entity of SGN Natural Gas, the project has been a collaborative effort with IndiWoods, the woodland consultancy which has planted over one million trees in Northern Ireland during the past 16 years.

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The trees were planted in an existing 12-year-old plantation which has recently suffered from a disease known as ‘Ash Dieback,’ responsible for killing ash trees. Through our network, we’ve helped to make the woodland more resilient for the future and provide a valuable habitat for local wildlife, such as endangered red squirrels. 
IndiWoods founder Carolyn Trimble said that she expects the trees planted, to do ‘very well in the beautiful, fertile soil.’ She added: 
“The woodland has had a few problems since it was planted over ten years ago especially with Ash Dieback. So, in pockets where the ash has died back, we’ve actually planted an understory of native trees such as hazel and birch.’’

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Evolve looks forward to continuing work on biodiversity projects in the near future. Learn more about our other initiatives including Bug Motels and Plan Bee