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Your switch to natural gas is just a Zoom call away

Your switch to natural gas is just a Zoom call away

Posted: 07 May, 2021

Getting connected to the SGN Natural Gas network has never been easier for home owners, thanks to our 1-1 virtual appointment service.

Just ask Omagh resident Ryan McFarland, who availed of a Zoom appointment with the local domestic sales representative for his area. Ryan and his family are now enjoying the benefits of natural gas at their Cannon Vale home.

It started with the delivery of an SGN Natural Gas flyer to homes in streets where a natural gas connection is now available. Financial incentives are also on offer to help with the installation process. 

Ryan visited the SGN Natural Gas website where he found he could book a virtual 1-1 appointment with one of the domestic sales team in his area – and that’s exactly what he did!

He said: “I went onto the website to see what way the gas installation worked and you could book an online appointment, so I went ahead and it was very straightforward. I knew my boiler was old so I was looking at options and while browsing, I read about the heating replacement incentives which I’ve since been able to take advantage of.”

“The sales rep, Chris was very informative when we had the call and everything went very smoothly. It was all sorted within a month or so, from sign up to boiler install and all the staff were very professional, carrying out the work in a quick and safe manner.”

Ryan and his wife Ciara are parents to a three-year-old so instant hot water is their favourite feature of having natural gas installed. They are also big fans of the fact that natural gas is so much better for the environment, an issue that’s very important to the young family. You can reduce your carbon footprint by almost 50% immediately upon converting from oil and/or solid fuel to natural gas.

Omagh home owner Ryan McFarland topping up his pre-payment natural gas meter.

Ryan, a lab technician, added: “I had oil before, but gas is so much more convenient and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. A few of my neighbours have been asking how we’ve been getting on since we got it installed and I can honestly say there’s nothing negative about any of it.”

Darren Young, Head of Business Development at SGN Natural Gas, encourages any home owners thinking of converting to natural gas to follow Ryan’s example by booking a 1-1 virtual appointment as soon as possible as demand for connections is exceptionally high at present.

He said: “It’s great to see customers taking up our offer of online appointments which help keep both themselves and our team safe during COVID-19. Customers can find out all they need to know about the installation process from the domestic sales rep assigned to their local town, as well as connection incentives which will help them make their decision about switching to natural gas.”

“We look forward to meeting many more new customers through our 1-1 virtual appointments as well as face-to-face again in local venues in the various towns when we can safely resume our connection roadshow events in due course.”

Book your Zoom appointment with a member of our team here

If you are unable to make a 1-1 booking this may mean that you are not yet a connectable property. Please fill in the ‘Get in touch’ form and we will contact you when you can convert to natural gas.